Bleh. Yesterday morning I cut my thumb while I was cleaning some hummus out of my food processor. My fingertips are also covered with really sore slivers from chestnut burrs I got during an intense chestnut foraging expedition. Despite my multiple wounds I decided to skip yoga class yesterday to finally dive in and do the bound buttonholes on my Anise jacket and try to catch up with the sew along. I was quite surprised and also frustrated to find the extreme loss of dexterity in my cut fingers! I made a royal mess of the buttonholes and finally called it quits for now. I will definitely have to recut the front piece of the jacket, luckily I have plenty of leftover fabric. I learned a valuable less: no sewing with cut fingers.  So much for catching up with the sew-along, Anise is going to have to be a late fall jacket.

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oonaballoona said...

ah no!

but i'm glad to see your pretty bandages. i do the same thing. it's somehow cheery, no?

hope your digits are feleing better soon... food is dangerous.